“Thank you for providing such a great service. Its flexibility and practical help have taken my daughter and myself from being completely estranged to now having a wonderful relationship again. My worker guided me through one of the most difficult experiences of my life. Her helpful advice and constant positive attitude kept me strong when I thought I had no strength left. Keep up the good work. We all need you!” – Gillian.

More than 600 young Tasmanians under the age of 24 are homeless.  Almost 200 of these are aged between 12 and 18. (Homelessness Australia: Homelessness in Tasmania Fact Sheet). Colony 47’s Reconnect is a free, early intervention outreach service that reduces youth homelessness by working with young people aged 12-18 to develop the kind of relationships they want to achieve with family, explore education or employment opportunities and engage with their community.Reconnect offers individual support as well as family counselling.

For more information young people, parents, carers and referrers can call Reconnect on 62141481 or email us at


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