Working Towards a Mentally Healthy Tasmania

Colony 47 is very proud of Kelly Saward who has represented mental health consumers at the launch of the “Mentally Healthy Tasmania” campaign.

During the launch, Kelly – a member of Eureka Clubhouse and staff member at Colony 47’s social enterprise, Start Fresh Services – gave the audience a glimpse into her journey as a mental health consumer.

Kelly said, “I was fortunate enough to gain an interview with Start Fresh Services, now, 12 months later, I clean at night and I have been working there the longest period I have actually sustained employment since becoming unwell.

“Looking back, it seems like my life has done a 360. I’ve changed from not wanting to live anymore to having a life worth fighting for.”

Kelly spoke passionately about how, without the support of community organisations and access to their suite of services, her life trajectory may have been very different.

One of Kelly’s goals was to give a presentation, and everyone at Colony 47 is extremely proud of her work and the courage it took to share her inspiring story.

With searing honesty, Kelly said, “I believe this once lost soul has found purpose and has found meaning, and I believe I owe this to all the services that have helped me at the right time, and the right place.”

Please take the time to view the video above or click here. If you are in a hurry skip to 1:16mins for Kelly’s presentation and interview.

To learn more about the Mental Health Council of Tasmania’s “Mentally Healthy Tasmania” campaign please click here to pledge your support or join the movement.

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