Winter Appeal Launch

The Colony 47 Winter Appeal was launched in June at a very special event hosted by The Source restaurant at MONA.

The Winter Appeal is an opportunity to engage with our community to support people’s needs that may not be met through existing programs and services.

This year, the focus is on supporting people fleeing from domestic violence and in providing financial counselling support for people experiencing rising cost of living pressures.

If you are able to contribute please feel free to visit our website and make your contribution to helping people in our community.

Our Winter Appeal is not just about raising money, it is an opportunity for Colony 47 to invite everyone in our community to help people achieve their goals in life.

There is no better way to share the impact of our work than to hear from the people who come to our services for support;people such as Shara, who we had the privilege of working with in the lead up to the appeal.

Shara not only allowed us to create a video of her story, but she also addressed  the participants  at the Winter Appeal launch event and thanked the many Colony 47 programs and staff members who worked with her to achieve her housing and employment goals.

Please take the time to learn more about Shara’s story and how, with just a little help and support, we can make a real difference.



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