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Our Service Delivery Plan for young Tasmanians aged 15–21 years.

We believe you have a great future. We focus on what you’re good at and build your talents. We offer you a place to get into great work – it’s called ‘Transition to Work’. Transition to Work is staffed by Development Coaches (‘DCs’) who work with you to land a job, enter training or finish Year 12. We also have an Employment Engagement Team (‘EET’), which tracks down job vacancies that match your skills. Transition to Work spaces in Hobart and Glenorchy are open Monday to Friday. Transition to Work spaces in New Norfolk, Huonville and Sorell are open two days a week.

At Transition to Work, you’ll be working across five project areas.

You can stay with TtW for up to 12 months but our aim is to get you to Project 5 (landing a job or getting into education and training) as quickly as possible.

Project 1: Joining the team
In the first project you and TtW team get to know each other and agree how to work together. This involves understanding your goals and addressing any challenges you face. We reach a deal on ‘who does what’ and commit to making Transition to Work a place where everyone is treated with respect – a safe place with a friendly vibe where we get things done.
Project 2: Your plan
The second project is to work on your Job Plan. This plan sets out what you’ll do each week to achieve your goals, including your activities in Projects 3, 4 and 5. We’ll work out the best way to stay in contact, including coming into Transition to Work each week and connecting via phone, SMS, email and social media. As we all know, things change. That’s why you and your DC will sit down and review your Job Plan on a regular basis and make sure it always reflects your aims, interests and personal situation.
Project 3: Building your skills
The third Project is all about getting inspired and unleashing your talent. We’ll offer you a range of practical activities that’ll increase your chances of landing a job, being accepted into accredited training or finishing Year 12. The aim is to find things that you enjoy doing and make them work for you. If you need help with reading or writing, or dealing with health and housing issues, we’ll also tackle these things as part of Project 3.
Project 4: The working world
The fourth project is about getting some real experience under your belt. Your DCs and EET will help you to find short-term placements in workplaces that you’ve got an interest in. You won’t get paid for these, but they’ll give you the opportunity to check out different kinds of work – and for the employer to see what you’re like. This might be full time work experience in a workplace for up to four weeks; or ‘work tasters’ over a couple of days; or joining an in-house team at Transition to Work that works on important issues with community groups.
Project 5: Landing your job or qualification
The last project is what it’s all about – getting a paid job, achieving a Cert III qualification or finishing Year 12. This might be an apprenticeship or traineeship where you do paid work and education at the same time.
Expression of Interest