Networks and Mentors


In addition to the Development Coach and Employment Engagement Team, participants in Transition to Work have the option of working one-on-one with a volunteer mentor. TtW mentors have experience that participants can tap into and contacts that are useful. And once a participant lands a job or gets into education they can be there to share successes and provide a ‘hand up’ if things get tough

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One of the benefits of Transition to Work being part of Colony 47 is that it has great networks. While success mainly comes from hard work and good skills, sometimes ‘who you know’ can be a lot of help. Colony 47 has strong relationships with some of Tasmania’s biggest employers across a range of industries – including manufacturing, hospitality, tourism, agriculture, aquaculture, retail, arts and culture, construction, building and mechanical trades.

Colony 47 also has networks with most community services in Southern Tasmania – like housing, health and legal.

Colony 47 has even set up a special group of employers and service providers who’ll meet regularly just to see what they can do to help TtW deliver as many jobs, training and education opportunities as possible.

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