Standing with Our Community Against Family and Domestic Violence.

Hobart came together on November 27, in a show of community strength to share the message that domestic violence is never ok.

The White Ribbon march drew together over 1000 people to walk against family violence, from St David’s Park to Parliament Lawns for the screening of a video, “It’s Never OK”.

It’s Never OK follows a group of young Ravenswood Heights Primary School children, who were part of Colony 47’s Building Safer Communities project, which raises awareness and empowers people to speak out against family violence.

The video highlighted the journey the students took as they created the lyrics for their empowering song (via SKYPE), with ARIA award winning musician, Rav Thomas.

The song, It’s Never OK sends a clear message through powerful lyrics and the voices of Tasmania’s next generation, who inspired an entire community to face the issue of family violence.

As the White Ribbon march gathered on the Parliament Lawns in Hobart it was clear that the simple message of It’s Never OK had a powerful impact on the hundreds of people present.

The It’s Never OK project was funded through the Building Safer Communities for Women grant which is an Australian Government initiative under the national plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children 2010-2022.

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