Safer in the long run

A group of enthusiastic young adults who joined the Backswing project in Sorell earlier this year are about to launch the campaign they have worked so hard on over the last 18 weeks.

 The young participants from the Sorell community collaborated with a specially selected panel of experts to develop an awareness campaign around the topic of Road Safety.

After an intensive research period and idea development phase, the group decided to focus their campaign specifically around the issue of evading police, which had tragically affected some team members.

The campaign, called DNT RUN, was launched in Sorell on 30 April at the South East Trade Training Centre, using artwork inspired by the old-school hip hop band RUN DMC to deliver the key messages around how to respond when police request a car to stop.

Backswing Coach, David Combes said the outcomes and the campaign this young group of people came up with is remarkable.

“It was an empowering experience for our young people to have an equal conversation with managers and representatives of organisations and to discuss their ideas around this important topic,” said Mr Combes.

Backswing is an Empowering Youth Initiative provided by Colony 47 to Southern Tasmania, and is funded by the Australian Government.

Backswing projects provide out of work youth with real workplace skills and experience in project management.

Colony 47’s Backswing team would like to thank our panel for their support and guidance throughout the project: Allison Anderson (Manager Research & Insights, Tourism Tasmania); Rick Birch (Coordinator, South East Trade Training Centre); Craig Hoey (Manager Road Safety Branch, Department of State Growth); and Samantha Morris (Digital Strategy Project Advisor, RACT). The Tasmania Police and Sorell Council have also been actively supporting the project.


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