New Accommodation Support Package for Mental Health Consumers.

Colony 47 looks forward to working collaboratively with the Tasmanian Health Services and Housing Tasmanian to implement the Government’s commitment to fund the Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI) Trial in southern Tasmania.

A pre-election commitment of $1,000,000 over two years was made to support people to connect with suitable housing and the clinical and psychosocial support they need to transition from hospital based clinical care and sustain themselves in the community.

Colony 47 CEO, Danny Sutton, said the program is a perfect fit for the organisation and its vision of aligning peoples housing and support needs so they can live a more contributing life as they re-enter the community.

“Providing mental health consumers with improved access to stable housing through Housing Connect and ensuring that there are links to clinical and psychosocial rehabilitation services so they can maintain successful tenancies and participate in their communities, is a great outcome,” said Mr Sutton.

“Colony 47 has worked closely with the Tasmanian Health Service and Housing Tasmania over many years and we are confident that the proven success of the HASI model in NSW is a perfect fit for the needs of our client group in Tasmania,” said Mr Sutton.”

The 2012 evaluation of New South Wales Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative confirmed that when housing is linked to appropriate clinical and rehabilitation support, people are better able to overcome the often debilitating effects of mental illness and to live more independent lives.

The evaluation also found that the majority of HASI consumers were successfully maintaining their tenancies (around 90%), that their mental health was improving and that they were spending less time in hospital since joining the program. In addition, consumers were regularly using appropriate services in the community and demonstrating a high degree of independence in daily living.

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