We Need Volunteer Chefs and Cooks!

Every year, hundreds of Tasmanian volunteers help Colony 47 prepare for our annual Community Christmas Day Lunch.

On the day, we cater for around 400 Tasmanians, so you can imagine the coordination needed to feed that many people.

Retired Chef, Stuart Dunlop said people in the hospitality industry who had the time to help out in a very busy kitchen at Christmas could come see how the organisation helped feed hundreds of people on Christmas day.

“Volunteers are always needed and we really need to train up the next lot of volunteer chefs and cooks who can handle a very large Christmas lunch,” Stuart said.

“It would be very beneficially for anyone in the industry to put down on their CV’s that they helped cook for around 400 people on Christmas day.

“It also allows you to meet very interesting people.

“We want the young ones to get the message, to come board so we can hand over the reins and train up the next generation.

“It only happens once a year and we want to be able to pass on our knowledge about how to prepare for the Colony 47 Community Christmas lunch.

“So come on and join the fun.”

To get in touch with Colony 47 to offer your volunteering skills in the kitchen, please call 1800 265 669.

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