Learner Driver Partnership with RACT

Tia is a young person in regional Tasmania with goals and aspirations to become a youth worker, but limited public transport and training options meant that not having a licence was one of her biggest challenges.

Thanks to the support of RACT, Colony 47’s Transition To Work (TTW) project now provides driving lessons for young people like Tia, who are working hard to achieve their goals.

Like many young people entering the workforce, Tia’s confidence had been rattled by unsuccessful employment experiences, but she didn’t let that stop her approaching TTW.

With the help of her Youth Development Coach, Tia developed a pathway towards her goal and the first step was to obtain her driver’s licence.

To begin with she didn’t think she could achieve her first goal.

“I was experiencing depression and anxiety and I didn’t have any money to pay for driving lessons.”

The RACT Learner Driver Package included 4 hours of driver training and access to the L2 assessment with the instructor she had already worked with.

After successfully achieving her first goal, Tia’s confidence is building and she is gaining momentum.

Whilst working towards her P1, she has commenced the Young Mum’s Program at Claremont Collage so she can continue to work towards her TCE whilst keeping her goal of becoming a Youth Worker in clear site.

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