Launch of the Colony 47 Housing and Homelessness Services Team

Colony 47 has officially launched the new Housing and Homelessness Services Team during a program event held at the Botanical Gardens.

The Housing and Homelessness Services Team incorporates all aspects of housing and homelessness services offered by Colony 47 and the teams enjoyed a morning of getting to know each other and sharing their knowledge and experience.

The highlight of the day came from our very special guest, Founder of Colony 47, Jim Colville.

Mr Colville shared a list of programs he had initiated in the 1970s and compared them to the programs we deliver today.

His progressive ideas, the obstacles he faced, the battles he fought and the sheer determination he had to get things done was a great motivation for the whole team.

The challenges remain but the dedication and determination to address them and make a difference continues to grow.

Much like Jim Colville’s team in the 1970s, our new Housing and Homelessness Services Team is driven by making a positive impact on our community and working hard for every individual that accesses our service.

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