The Kooparoona Niara Trail Launched in Deloriane

Colony 47’s Aboriginal Community Pathway’s program proudly launched the Kooparoona Niara Trail (formally known as the Bush Tucker Trial) in Deloraine on Saturday 16 December.

Elizabeth Daly, Northern Manager for Colony 47, said the trail was the culmination of a huge amount of work which began in 2016 as a community project, and is now seen as a drawcard for tourism in the north of the state.

“Kooparoona Niara Trail is set along the northern bank of the Meander River in Deloraine and showcases Tasmanian Aboriginal culture through art and sculpture,” Ms Daly said.

“The trail is now a permanent exhibition that the whole community can enjoy and be proud of,” said Ms Daly.

Martin Hay, Colony 47’s Trail Coordinator, said the trail features mosaics, handcrafted pavers, rock art and native gardens which are complemented by interpretive signage.

“Everything about the trail is local, it was developed with local artists, Aboriginal Community members, local Council and Colony 47 and it has engaged many people from the broader community throughout its journey from inception to today’s opening,” Mr Hay said.

“Kooparoona Niara is the Tasmanian Aboriginal name for the Great Western Tiers, meaning ‘Mountains of the Spirits’.

The Cultural Trail is a special place for Tasmanian Aboriginal people to come together to practice and share Culture and has taken the focus of a whole of community in its creation.”

Colony 47 would like to thank everyone who came to the launch and those who have supported the project over the last two years.

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