It’s Never OK.

If you are already following the Colony 47 Facebook page you would have noticed that our effort to raise awareness around the issue of family violence in our community went viral last month with close to 100 000 views across our social media channels.

Here is the back story.

Colony 47 won a grant through the Building Safer Communities Fund back in 2016 to raise awareness around the issue of Family Violence in our communities. And raise awareness we did.

Colony 47 developed and innovative project engaging ARIA award winning musician Rav Thomas, who worked with the students at Ravenswood Heights Primary School (via skype) to come up with the lyrics for a song called “It’s Never OK”.

It’s never OK, sends a message of empowerment through the lyrics and Rav Thomas ensured that the music also worked to lift the message of empowerment for the many children who experience family violence.

The event was a huge success with hundreds of people attending from the community, including politicians and celebrities.

Young up and coming star from Neighbours, Andrew Morley, was a big hit with the Ravenswood Primary School children, and the whole room enjoyed hearing the school choir sing It’s Never OK.

Project Officer, Colleen Breheney, who works in Colony 47’s Launceston office drove the program over 12 months with the support of Elizabeth Daly, Colony 47 Manager for Northern Tasmania.

The message was heard loud and clear, not just on the day, but through our social media campaign which included videos, interviews and stories created around the event and it went viral.

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