Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is a simple and tax effective way to make an impact on the lives of disadvantaged Tasmanians.

How it works for you as an individual?

Workplace giving allows you to donate to Colony 47 pre-tax through your payroll. Your donation is automatically deducted from your gross salary each pay cycle, meaning you receive an immediate tax saving as the donation is made.

Workplace giving is the simplest and most effective way to give and because you receive an immediate tax reduction through your payroll payment, you save time searching for receipts at tax time.

How does workplace giving benefit Colony 47?

Workplace giving is a regular and reliable source of donations and is the most cost-efficient way to give. It reduces administration costs for us as we only process one donation from each employer, allowing more of your valuable contribution to reach the hands of the people who need it most.

Some employers even match employee gifts, doubling your impact and allowing you and your colleagues to provide greater support to disadvantaged Tasmanians.

How it works for your workplace

Workplace giving is a simple and powerful way to build morale, your company’s reputation and make a difference in the community – at very little cost.Through Colony 47, you can connect your workplace with those much less fortunate than you and your staff, right here in Tasmania

Your employees will value being engaged in a community program through the workplace. You can also show your support of employee’s generosity by matching their gifts.

The program is low cost, simple to administer and will provide your employee’s with a tax effective way to donate to Colony 47. Not only will your organisation’s be viewed as socially responsible, but collectively, your organisation will make a significant impact on the lives of people living in poverty.

If you are an employer and are thinking of setting up a workplace giving program in your organisation, we can help. Contact Simon Wise at for an information pack