Eureka Clubhouse Mental Health Week Breakfast

Mental Health Week FlyerThe theme for Mental Health Week 2016 is Mental Health Begins with Me and we are pleased to announce that after 21 years of continuous service, Eureka Clubhouse is holding its very popular, Annual Mental Health Week Breakfast to celebrate the achievements of Eureka Clubhouse and its members.

The breakfast will be held on Tuesday the 11th October from 7.30 am to 10.30 am at 6 Florence Street Moonah.

In keeping with the Mental Health Week theme the breakfast will be a celebration with each of the guests given the opportunity to write a promise on our promise wall, which describes how mental health begins with them. Our guests will also be given the opportunity to write their name on a paper chain link, which will be assembled to demonstrate the community that Eureka Clubhouse has developed.

Our 21 year anniversary is a time of reflection of what we have achieved and what we aspire to on our journey of achievement. It is our hope that all members of Eureka and those who have assisted in their experiences can look at their individual journeys with Eureka Clubhouse as one of fulfilment, friendships and one of reaching their goals which are all very personal aspirations towards being all we are meant to be.

Colony 47 is proud to be a part of Mental Health Week.


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