Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider

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“We were seeking a provider that would prioritise our clients’ needs as though they were their own and ensure fast turnaround for sign-ups and processing. JobNet have managed to do this every day since we engaged them. The service level from their team given to my clients is outstanding.” – Steve Wiggers, Director, Quick Service Training

Colony 47 is working to reduce skills shortages in Tasmania and improve apprenticeship completion rates through its JobNet Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) program. It delivers free support services to employers, apprentices and trainees and job seekers.

Services include:

•A Gateway program for potential apprentices/jobseekers to assist them to enter their chosen industry (register here
•Assisting in the selection of the most appropriate apprenticeship or traineeship;
•Completing the training contract with the employer and the apprentice;
•Providing advice about available Incentives;
•Assessing and paying Australian Government incentives to the employer and/or the apprentice;
•Conducting monitoring visits and phone calls throughout the apprenticeship and providing additional in-training support where required

It is not a requirement to have a secondary school certificate or other qualification to be able to do an apprenticeship. School-leavers, people re-entering the workforce or adult workers simply wishing to change careers can undertake an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships can also commence while finishing years 11 and 12. Australian Apprenticeships offer opportunities to train, study and earn an income at a variety of qualification levels in most occupations as well as in traditional trades. Australian Apprenticeships provide qualifications that are recognized nationally and internationally.

Benefits to employers:

•Training people to fit business requirements;
•Providing a flexible choice of Registered Training Organisations who can provide off the job training to apprentices;
•Providing access to user choice funding from the State Training Authority;
•A range of financial incentives for eligible employers; and
•Nationally recognised qualifications and competencies.

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Visit or call 1300 367 776 for further information or assistance.