Hats for Homelessness 2018

Homelessness in Tasmania disproportionately affects our young people and children who now represent 52% of all homelessness service clients*.

Hats for Homelessness is a school based initiative developed by Colony 47 to raise funds and awareness for young people experiencing homelessness.

It is a simple, fun and engaging activity for schools to get involved in and it offers opportunities to talk about the issues that young people can face while offering information about where they can get help.

We are very fortunate to already have schools like St Aloysius College in Kingston and Margate Primary on board who have embedded Hats for Homelessness into their annual activities.

If you know of a school that is interested in taking part in Hats for Homelessness 2018, please contact Simon Wise on 0459 897566 or send an email to simonw@colony47.com.au.

*Shelter Tasmania Fact Sheet – Homelessness in Tasmania 2018