Financial Counselling

Life can change dramatically and without warning. Circumstances over which you have no control can leave you feeling desperate and in need. Colony 47 Financial Counselling is helping people get back on their feet by delivering one to one money management skills to people experiencing financial stress.

Colony 47 Financial Counselling builds the skills and capacity of individuals and couples to create a sustainable financial future for themselves and their family. We assist people to develop a realistic and accurate budget that takes into account their income, expenses, debts and goals. We support individuals and couples to manage debts and take the stress out of negotiations with creditors to arrange payment plans.

This essential service continues to be funded through Colony 47’s Two Dollars for Change initiative supported by the Tasmanian Hospitality Association and a large number of participating restaurants and cafés. The money raised has enabled the program to be delivered in the north and south of the state which means we are assisting more people than ever before.

Financial literacy support at Colony 47: Call 1800 265 669
Financial Counselling nationwide hotline 9.30am to 4pm: Call 1800 007 007.
Colony 47 is currently recruiting a Financial Counsellor in Hobart.

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