Building Safer Communities for Women and Children

Beginning in 2016 and funded by the Federal Government the project aimed to raise awareness around the issue of Family Violence in our communities.

Named the Safer Communities for Women and Children project, it focused on family violence in the Ravenswood community of Launceston. The program had a profound effect and reach and involved many groups and formed extraordinary partnerships. A passionate collection of 14 community advocates created brochures, pamphlets and a banner outlining messages and information on family violence. These were distributed throughout the community and at the culmination of the project event “The Ravenswood Spectacular” which attracted over 400 members of the local community.

A part of the project involved ARIA award winning musician, Rav Thomas, working with the student choir at Ravenswood Heights Primary School (via skype) to create the lyrics to a song called “It’s Never OK”. The song was recorded and released through the radio stations and music play channels and was shown on the finale night. Social Media highlighting the program attracted a huge amount of attention with the videos created from the events being watched over 35,000 times.