Aboriginal Community Links

“ACL staff have been vital in my connection to my culture and country. The team has helped me realise my passion for helping others.”

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Closing the Gap is a commitment to improve the lives of Indigenous Australians through:

  • Closing the life-expectancy gap within a generation;
  • Halving the gap in mortality rates for Indigenous children under five within a decade;
  • Ensuring access to early childhood education for all Indigenous four years olds in remote communities within five years;
  • Halving the gap in reading, writing and numeracy achievements for children within a decade;
  • Halving the gap in Indigenous Year 12 achievement by 2020;
  • Halving the gap in employment outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians within a decade.

Aboriginal Community Links is an information and referral service for Aboriginal people living in the Launceston and East Tamar region. It provides better linkages between Aboriginal people and community and mainstream services and helps in closing the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians by facilitating access to community services and information.

In the last 12 months Colony 47 has supported 2 290 Aboriginal people seeking emergency housing relief, 1.285 Aboriginal people accessing long term housing and 1 335 Aboriginal people accessing mainstream welfare services.

Colony 47 initiates projects for community members such as support in obtaining a driver’s licence, access to English and computer classes, a community garden demonstrating the range of fresh food that can be grown in small areas, a men’s health group and a healthy eating program.

Colony 47 has also recently constructed a healing circle at the Trevallyn Reserve in partnership with the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service and published Get Linked, an alcohol and drug resource book for Aboriginal people.

“ACL has provided me with access to training such as the Diploma of Community Recovery at Gnibi which has been a benefit to the community in passing on my cultural knowledge to our younger ones.”