Colony 47 leads Advantaged Thinking nationally


Colony 47 leads Advantaged Thinking nationally

In 2018, Colony 47 was selected as a national lead agency for implementing an international best practice approach to client centred service design, Advantaged Thinking.

In September 2018, Colony 47 invited its collaborative partners including government, staff and industry stakeholders to attend a special presentation by the UK Founder of Advantaged Thinking, Colin Faulkner.

Colin has been working extensively with Brotherhood of St Laurence (BSL) and Colony 47’s in partnership to embed the theories of Advantaged Thinking into our client centred practices across the programs of Colony 47.

Colin presented a Masterclass on Friday 28 September, providing background around the development of Advantaged Thinking theory and examples of how programs and clients have benefitted from this wholistic and inclusive approach.

Advantaged thinking ensures that people are not seen as having problems to be solved, but as having strengths for development and investment, defining people by their assets, aspirations and potential with a focus on working together to find sustainable solutions.

Colin’s presentation to stakeholders was followed by his review of Colony 47 services solutions that were presented by the organisations Advantaged Thinking Champions.

The presentations reported on how the services are developing initiatives using the Advantaged Thinking framework to improve service outcomes clients.

Colony 47 will use Advantaged Thinking concepts to redefine and embed client centred service design into its day to day work and will look to share its achievements and learnings with the community in the years ahead.

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