Colony 47 Joins Forces with the Tasmanian Police Academy

Colony 47’s Employment Engagement Team joined forces with the Tasmanian Police Academy to give young people valuable insight into the various career paths within law enforcement.

By providing opportunities for young people to explore their career options, Colony 47’s Transition to Work Program is introducing employment opportunities that young people may never have thought possible.

Senior Constable Megan Williams and 1/C Constable Nadine Reid guided the group through the recruitment process whilst highlighting what the Tasmanian Police force is looking for in potential recruits.

Transition to Work’s Employment Engagement team, Vija Hughes and David Goldstone, said the visit was extremely successful with two of the participants now actively working towards a possible future in the Tasmanian Police Force.

“Connecting young people with the internal working environment of a company or industry sector can give a young person the practical advantage and inspiration they need to forge their own career path,” said Ms Hughes.

One young person said it taught them “a lot about the job and the people who are brave and fit enough to do it.”

Colony 47’s Transition to Work Program is a place where young Tasmanians aged 15–21 can work on landing a job, entering training or finishing Year 12.

Operating from multiple sites across southern Tasmania, they are linking with business and industry to give young people insights into working environments and inspire new possibilities for their future.

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