AGM and Launch of the Towards 2020 Vision and Strategy

Colony 47’s 2017 Annual General Meeting and launch of the Towards 2020 Strategy demonstrated a clear new vision that puts clients firmly at the centre of the organisation’s practice.

Colony 47 founder, Jim Colville, was joined by staff, board members, politicians and community supporters, as we reflected on the incredible achievements of staff and consumers across our programs.

The Towards 2020 plan builds on Jim’s legacy with a new vision “to create a thriving, connected and diverse community where no-one is left behind” and a purpose that is “to support people to achieve their goals in life”.

The 2016-2017 digital Annual Report is full of stories and videos that acknowledge the hard work and dedication of staff and the strength and integrity of our consumers.

One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation of awards to the staff members of Start Fresh Services.

The Start Fresh Services Business Manager, Kevin Todeschini, talked about the challenge to stay viable in such a competitive market and how the commitment and hard work of his staff has turned the business into a thriving enterprise over the last financial year.

Please take the time to enjoy the videos, stories and insights in the 2016-2017 Colony 47 Annual Report.

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