Regular Giving

Become Colony 47 Regular Giver

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Regular donations are secure automated deductions that are simple and easy to set up and that can be changed, paused or cancelled at any time.

Regular giving is powerful!

Your regular monthly donation no matter how small ensures that Colony 47 can

  • enable Colony 47 to plan confidently and create stronger programs
  • develop new programs to support clients
  • budget more effectively
  • reduce administration costs so that more of your donation goes where it is needed most
  • help more Tasmanians in need.

Regular giving is easy and convenient!

You can specify the amount you wish to give each week, month, quarter or year and securely provide the details of the credit or debit card that your donation will be deducted from with a recurring payment online. You will be sent a receipt for tax purposes at the end of each financial year.

How to become a Regular Giver 

  • Visit GiveNow and create an account, then go to the Colony 47 fundraising page at and select “Regular Donation” to begin
  • Nominate the amount you want to donate each time
  • Nominate the frequency of donations
  • Nominate the debit or credit card account for automated deductions

If you have any queries, please contact Colony 47 via email or call 1800 265 669